Quick Takes Featuring “Desert Dove” by Michaela Anne

Welcome to this second edition of Quick Takes, where we at Around The Country quickly give you a reason to give an album a listen in 200 words or less.

Alright folks, break out your favorite beverage and block out 40 minutes of your day…because this album is a good one.

Michaela Anne is a songwriter that is new to my playlist, but she entered my country music radar via her appearance on Live from Layman Drug Company.

If there is one defining trait of this album, it’s the careful craftmanship of each song. With the first song “By Our Design”, one can really get a taste of the sound of this album from a sonic standpoint. The haunting strings that start right on the downbeat give this album a theme of space and nostalgia. Each song on this album could be a title track, something that I find rare in other albums.

My favorite song off of Desert Dove has to be “Two Fools”. It’s a no-frills classic country song dripping in pedal steel that revolves around a complicated relationship. It doesn’t get more country than that.

Give Desert Dove a listen, and get lost in the space & vibes that make this album so special.

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